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Bebop Elephants

The story of the ‘Bebop Elephants’

The ‘Bebop’ painting started as a commission from a young mum; Rebecca, who’s young sons, Mason and Liam, are both showing signs of Autism, as yet not diagnosed. Rebecca lives in Canada, her Mum and grandparents live in England. Rebecca’s sons have never met their great grandparents, but have skyped with them regularly. Following the family tradition, started by Rebecca when she was a child, the boys called their great granddad ‘Bebop’.

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A Slice of Advice

Slice of Advice is a non-for-profit umbrella of community groups designed to create a valued support network for parents/carers of children/adolescents with Autism (& related spectrum disorders).

"We meet every week across different locations to share ideas, talk about burning issues, raise some funds and go out and do stuff together...because we understand each other :-)"

Family Legacy

The family of Bob Grundy wish for the products bearing the image of the ‘Bebop Elephants’ to be sold in his memory to raise ‘Autism Awareness’, and also wish for a donation from each sale is to go to ‘A Slice of Advice’, an organisation that works to support individuals and families affected by Autism. These gifts and cards are sold to raise awareness of Autism and to raise money for ‘A Slice of Advice’; with 25% of each sale going to this charity. This will be Bob Grundy’s legacy; affectionately known as ‘Bebop’.

Bebop Card and notebook

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